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Accident & Emergency

As a rural practice our Doctors and Nurses are frequently called on to treat emergencies and accidents. Together with fully equipped treatment rooms, we are ready to handle all A&E calls, have extra training for these situations and work closely with the local ambulance service. There is a dedicated duty doctor and nurse available every day to attend emergencies and acutely sick children and adults.


Ensuring your child’s health is critical. We supply all immunisations recommended and will assist you to understand any concerns you may have about the immunisation programme. Our recall system will make sure no immunisations are missed and we will also ensure enrollment for the B4 school checks..

Chronic Disease Management

There is a specific programme available to those requiring ongoing care and management of chronic diseases that may significantly reduce your medical costs. You and your Doctor develop a plan to achieve agreed targets. This plan is then monitored by regular Nurse reviews. Ask your Doctor about CarePlus.

Company Medicals

For employers it is important to know their staff are in good health. Both pre employment and periodic medical reviews are provided..


We have two counsellors operating at the Centre providing support for a wide range of issues. Your Doctor may refer you to a counsellor or you may make your own appointment directly with them. There are special subsidies available so cost should not be a barrier

Cryotherapy & Diathermy

These are a quick and easy ways to remove many skin blemishes such as warts and also early skin cancers.

Drivers Medicals

We provide the full range of drivers’ medicals covering all the various licence classes and also the assessment of the over 75 year old drivers. We want to keep you independent and safe on the road.

Ear Conditions/Assessments

Using our binocular microscope we are able to suction wax or other debris from blocked or infected ears and to remove any foreign bodies or objects from the ear canal.


With computer assessment of your ECG your Doctor will quickly have a full understanding of your condition.


Where there are sufficient numbers we will visit local companies to provide on site health services such as flu vaccinations or skin checks. Contact our Practice Manager for pricing.

Exercise Stress Testing

How does your heart perform when put under physical stress? Our stress ECG allows the Doctor to have a full understanding of conditions that may not be obvious under normal conditions. It can be a very important step in assessing your cardiac condition.

Eye Assessments/Conditions

Using our slit lamp microscope we are able to assess eye conditions and to remove any foreign bodies or material from the eye.

Family Medicine

This is a family centered practice with all Doctors practicing the full range of primary medical services to ensure your care from birth onward. Although we prefer to see you at the surgery where we can be more efficient in your treatment, we will also make house calls, including to residential care homes.

Female Doctors

Some patients prefer to see a female doctor. We have three to choose from for your care and advice on contraception, smear tests, early pregnancy care as well as your general medical needs. Our nurses are also trained to take smear tests.

General Services

Our focus is in providing the first point of contact and ongoing management of your entire medical needs. Where those needs can't be met by treatment at our center we will recommend you to the appropriate specialist but will continue to monitor your treatment to achieve the best out come for your ongoing health.

Health Reviews

A regular and comprehensive review of your health is an important tool to ensure your health is maintained. Once your current health status is known it enables you to work with your Doctor to plan for your future health needs and wellbeing.


The recommended programme of childhood immunisation is provided and our recall system ensures you are reminded when they are due. Our nurses are trained in the administration of childhood immunisations. We also offer a comprehensive range of travel immunisations.

Laboratory Tests

It is important that the results of laboratory test are interpreted correctly. Our reception staff are not trained to interpret results and are not permitted to provide them to patients. Some tests, eg Warfarin monitoring, need same day contact. Other results may take several days to reach the surgery. Your Doctor will tell you how you will receive your results, by phone, mail or by asking you to phone for them.

Nurse Clinics

Our Nurses are very well trained and are continually updating their skills and knowledge by attending regular courses.  Currently our Nurses run clinics for the management of Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Healthy Weight and Smoking Cessation.


Repeat prescriptions may be provided to enrolled patients with a stable medical condition without the need to see a Doctor but this is always at the Doctor’s discretion. A regular consultation with either the Doctor or Nurse will be required at certain intervals depending on the medication and for certain prescriptions you will be required to see your doctor each time.

Use the Prescription page of this web site or phone the Centre but please ensure you leave plenty of time before you run out of your current medication supply. You must allow at least 24 hours and may need longer if you will need a consultation. Don’t leave it until the last moment!

Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking can be very difficult to achieve. We have a specialised programme to assist you through this period. As well as an initial assessment we will provide regular follow up and support.

Smear Tests

Smear tests can be performed by one of our three female doctors or by a nurse. Regular smear tests are recommended for all women aged from 20 to 70. If you are enrolled with out Practice you will be sent a regular reminder and you will be contacted with the results within 10 –14 days.


This is a special breathing assessment to support diagnosis and help with management of breathing problems such as asthma. All smokers should have regular checks to check how well their lungs are functioning, as smokers may be susceptible to lung diseases. Those working in dusty or other hazardous environments may also benefit from regular checks.


We have Doctors trained and highly skilled in many surgery procedures from the removal of lesions to Vasectomy and Punch Biopsy procedures. You will need to see the doctor before the procedure so they can evaluate what is needed. Surgery does take time and will cost more. Your Doctor will be able to give you an estimate of the cost.

Terminal/Palliative Care

The last period of life through age or illness can be stressful and demanding. Our Doctors and Nurses will work with you to lessen the burden, often in association with the palliative care team. In some situations we may be able to reduce the associated treatment costs of care.

Travel Vaccinations

Are you traveling overseas? There are a number of destinations where vaccination against the high risk of certain diseases is strongly recommended. Check with your doctor well before departure date to ensure you have the right vaccinations and that you have left enough time to complete the course, including any boosters that may be required. Here in NZ you can be confident the vaccination will be conducted using sterile equipment and procedures – not something you can guarantee in certain countries. Some countries require proof of vaccination and check the World Health Organisation web site ( for travelers’ health risks.


Although a simple operation performed under local anesthetic at our Centre, male sterilisation is a very significant step for couples. We recommend counselling, preferably with both partners before making the final decision. The procedure does take longer thank a normal appointment but is cost effective. Please check costs with your Doctor.

Weight Loss and Management

For several years we have been running a very successful weight loss and weight management clinic run by our Nurses. We have many testimonials to how successful this clinic is so when you are ready to take action make an appointment for your initial assessment and participation in the follow up programme.