Flu Vaccinations

The Annual Flu Vaccination is now available and already there is a rush to ensure vaccination before the arrival of winter. Please contact us to book a time for your flu vaccination.

Flu vaccinations are becoming ever more popular and recognised as a valuable tool to ward off what can be a dangerous illness.   

Remember, until the end of June, Flu Vaccinations are free for those over 65, for pregnant women, asthmatics, diabetics and those with heart or lung disease.

We also encourage Young Adults to be vaccinated and we encourage those between 18 and 25 to get protection - don't miss out on the activities you enjoy by getting the flu.


Measles outbreak

Currently a couple of unconfirmed cases of measles in the Bay of Plenty /Lakes area are being followed up as well as the confirmed outbreak in the Waikato where two schools were temporarily closed.

This is a good reminder to parents to check the immune status and to catch up on missed immunisations for you and your children. Remember it is free to children and adults born after 1969 while those born before 1969 are considered to be immune. 

Phone us now and ask a nurse to check your status and to book an appointment for any immunisations you need.


"Should I have my child immunised" is often a difficult decision for new parents.  Negative messages from well-meaning friends and families, the media and even some medical professionals have caused some parents to delay or forgo immunising their children against several potentially fatal diseases. There is a lot of conflicting information available, much of it of poor quality based on weak or totally false data.  Scientific studies have now completely debunked the myths linking vaccines to diseases such as autism and Crohn's.
We strongly recommend that all children should receive the full course of immunisations to protect them, especially in the important early years.  For instance if vaccination is delayed, reports indicate a five fold increased risk of being hospitalised with whooping cough.
Click on this link for a series of short videos on immunisation and other health topics.   https://www.youtube.com/user/minhealthnz/videos


Health 365

Get access to your medical records anywhere, anytime from any device linked to the internet.

Health 365 is a secure device provided in conjunction with Katiikati Medical Centre and your GP to help you be in control of your health care. 

Using Health 365 you can:
       • Make appointments
       • Order repeat prescriptions
       • Access your medical history, medications and immunisations
       • Track your results
       • Have a brief email consult with your GP (a fee may be charged)

Ask your GP or at Reception to sign up to Health 365.  You will need an individual personal email address.
You may also be authorised to view the records of other family members - e.g. children or dependents.


Test Results

Most routine tests take 72 hours to be reported back and checked by the Doctor although some, such as biopsies or cervical smears, will take longer.  Your Doctor will discuss with you as to how you will be advised of the results and when they should be available.  Please contact us directly if there are inappropriately long delays.

It is important that you notify us of any changes to your address or contact details so you can be contacted.
Please remember our Reception staff are not qualified to interpret results and are not permitted to give them to patients.